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Terms and Conditions

Switchbacks S.L. Terms & Conditions

Make sure you have read and understand the following:

Switchbacks S.L. is registered in Spain fulfilling all legal and insurance requirements, our official registration number is AT/GR/00264.

PLEASE NOTE If considering holidaying with another company make sure that said company is registered in Spain and have Spanish guiding qualifications and insurances. MTB holiday companies that are registered in the UK for example, cannot operate legally in Spain. The result is that your insurance and those of the company you are travelling with are null and void. Dont take the risk BOOK LEGAL.

The Holiday Contract
a. Your holiday contract is made between Switchbacks S.L. (“Switchbacks S.L.” or “We/Us”) and all persons referred to on the booking confirmation (“You/r”).
b. The person who receives the booking confirmation (the group leader) does so as agent for all persons referred to on it, and by receiving it, grants that s/he has authority to receive it on behalf of all persons referred to on the booking form and acknowledges that these terms and conditions apply to all such persons.
c. Bookings through an Agent or other Holiday company will adhere to both Terms and Conditions of Switchbacks S.L. and the Agent or Holiday Company.

Prices and Payments
a. Payment totals of package prices (which may vary) will be confirmed by us at the time of the booking enquiry along with payment options.

Changes to Bookings
a. Switchbacks S.L. will make every effort to make any changes should you wish to amend the details originally supplied on your booking form. If we cannot accommodate these changes and you wish to cancel, then the cancellation charges will apply (the 10% deposit).

a. A non-refundable deposit of 10% per person is required to secure your booking, in the event of a cancellation, this deposit will be withheld.
b. No contract comes into effect until that offer is accepted by Switchbacks S.L. which is only when the booking confirmation is received by you. No booking confirmation will be sent to you unless all necessary deposits have been paid and Switchbacks S.L. is satisfied that all relevant persons are covered by appropriate activity insurance.

Cancellation by Switchbacks S.L.
a. In the event that we have to cancel your holiday, you will be offered either a full refund of all monies paid by you (including non-refundable deposit) or an offer of different dates, whichever you prefer.

Your Responsibilities
a. Mountain biking is an extreme sport and carries an element of danger therefore all riders have a responsibility for their own and the safety of others.
b. All riders must wear a helmet when riding. NO helmet = NO riding. It is also advisable to wear knee and elbow protection.
c. All riders participate entirely at their own risk. All riders acknowledge/ agree a declaration that they have understood and accepted all associated risk prior to partaking in any bike ride.

Insurances Required
a. Switchbacks S.L. cannot be held responsible for any injury to persons whilst riding and any loss, theft or damage to personal property. All citizens of Europe as guests of Switchbacks S.L. must have a EHIC card and appropriate specialist travel insurance to cover them for mountain biking, cancellations and other activities they wish to partake in whilst on holiday with Switchbacks S.L.. You will be required to provide your insurance details to us prior to riding. NO Insurance = NO riding.
b. Your insurance cover will specifically include medical and accident recovery insurance for injuries gained whilst mountain biking on unmarked trails. Riders that plan to do Enduro or DH-style riding also need to include mountain rescue by helicopter.
c. If hiring a bike Switchbacks S.L. also recommends insurance to cover damages that might occur.

Use of Switchbacks S.L. Vehicles
a. Clients travel in Switchbacks S.L. vehicles entirely at their own risk. Clients are responsible for the safe transit of their own bikes. No items deemed of value should be left in the vehicles unattended.

Personal Property
a. Clients are responsible for the safekeeping of personal items. Switchbacks S.L. will not be held responsible for loss, theft or damage of clients’ personal property.

Bike Hire
a. Hirers are responsible for all damage to or loss of the bike during the period of hire up to the replacement cost of the bike if stolen.
b. General wear and tear such as brake pads, tyres, cables etc.. is included within the hire cost.
c. Switchbacks S.L. will take care to ensure that the bike is in full working order however, components can malfunction and Switchbacks S.L. cannot be held responsible for any accidents whilst riding.

The Weather
a. Although the likelihood of bad weather is very low, it can still happen. Bad weather conditions can sometimes affect your riding and enjoyment of your holiday. Switchbacks S.L. cannot control the weather and in the unlikely event that weather conditions will affect your holiday, Switchbacks S.L. cannot be held responsible and no refunds can be given.

Standards of accommodation, facilities and safety in general are invariably different and often lower abroad than they are in northern Europe. Spanish properties are designed for the warmth not the cold and consequently they do not have a thermostat heating system. The villa has wood burning stoves, radiators and gas heaters which can be lit at your own convenience. These are used at your own risk.

Limitation of Liability
a. Except where personal injury or death results the maximum limit of our liability for failing to properly perform your holiday contract (including negligent and deliberate failures on the part of ourselves, our servants, agents, suppliers and subcontractors) is twice the total base holiday cost as set out on the booking confirmation
b. We do not have any liability to you for any delay which may arise as a result of schedule alterations with your flights/transport to Malaga or Granada.

Your Responsibilities
a. Flights are not included in prices.
b. To take care of the accommodation in which you stay and any equipment you hire or borrow during your holiday and in particular to take reasonable care to avoid being the cause of any accident during the course of your holiday activities.
c. To ensure that any equipment you use whether hired, borrowed or your own (irrespective of whether it is supplied as part of this contract) is suitable and sufficient for your purposes. In hiring, lending or allowing you to use equipment we and our suppliers do not take any responsibility to assess your experience, ability or suitability to use the equipment or to advise you whether the equipment is suitable or appropriate for you or your needs. It is also your responsibility to ensure that equipment is in good condition & working order and to report any concerns you have about any malfunction or fault immediately to the supplier.
d. You are responsible for any damage to or theft or loss of any equipment hired or borrowed during your holiday as well as damage you cause to other persons or their property or equipment and you will indemnify Switchbacks S.L. against all claims, liabilities, loss, damage, expense, interest and costs whether direct or indirect that Switchbacks S.L. may suffer or incur as a result of you or any person on the booking form causing injury, loss or damage to other persons or property.
e. It is a condition of hiring, borrowing or use of any equipment during your holiday we recommend you carry adequate insurance cover against the risk that as a result of your use of equipment you cause damage either to the equipment or to other persons and/or their property.
f. To make your room allocation requests or preferences clear to reduce the risk of errors.
g. To provide clear and detailed information to us if any child undertaking any of our holiday activities suffers from any allergy, illness or disability.
h. To recognize that many holiday activities are vigorous & adventurous and/or involve some incidental risk of injury & it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the required level of fitness and skill to participate in such activities. In particular if you are travelling with children they remain your responsibility and you should exercise care in deciding whether your children are capable of undertaking the activities that are selected for or by them. Our local staff and suppliers are not teachers nor childminders and are not to be considered as such.
i. To inform any guide, supervisor, representative or instructor immediately in the event that you consider any activity to be unsafe or inappropriate for yourself or any other person participating.