MTB Sierra Nevada , All you need to know on the trails, the level of riding, what you can expect and what to bring.

 Riding to a new place is always full of surprises. New terrain, new abilities to develop, new bike setup, and trails you’re not familiar with.

All this require some preparation. Because of this, below you can find the answer to most of the common questions asked when it comes to mountain biking in Sierra Nevada.


MTB Sierra Nevada – Where to start


What you have to know is that to enjoy Enduro in Sierra Nevada, you don’t need a particular level. From beginners to racers and professional riders, there is a trail for everyone.

And we are the best to know where to take you. With more than 22 years of Experience in the area, we know every trail like the back of our hand. We’ll make sure to take you onto trails that match your abilities and skill levels.


If you are planning on improving your skills on the bike while on Holidays, we can help you too! With our experienced guide and coaches, level up! Cornering, balance, descending, bike setup. Let our team of racers take care of you and give you the best advices for riding!

Sometimes travelling with your bike can be a pain. No need to worry about this either. If you don’t feel like bringing your mountain bike with you, we offer Mountain bike rentals and E-bike rentals!


If you want to see what riding in Malaga is like, you can click HERE and watch this video. While it doesn’t show all the trails we have on hand, it will give you an idea of the mountain biking possibility in Malaga.


MTB Sierra Nevada


Find below the answer to most of the questions you might be asking yourself about riding enduro and Downhill mountain bikes in Sierra Nevada.