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Malaga MTB trails

20,000 – 30,000 ms down 20,000 – 30,000 ms down

Our trails in Malaga have an average descending for a long weekend 20,000 – 30,000ms vertical. The Enduro package has approximately 85% down to 15% up ratio.

Empty trails in Malaga: no queues, no braking bumps, no fire roads and nothing groomed. Check out our Media page for up to date videos of what you will ride.

Incredible variety of tracks here in Malaga combined with the intensity of riding day after day, ups your riding level gradually leaving you a much better and focused rider. Ride our famous SRAM Test track, 911, Happy Days, XDuro, Minnaar´s Track.

45 Enduro/DH specific tracks with a mixture of full on DH courses that include loose rock, sandy aggressive chutes and switchbacks to fast and flowing 4x style runs.

Malaga MTB trails, where to go?

There is a lot of Malaga mtb trails you can explore and ride, but where to start? Most of them are hidden and not on the map. If you are looking to do some cross country, you can have a look HERE. If Enduro mountain biking of Downhill mountain biking is what you are in Malaga for, check out the best trails HERE.

Why choose Switchbacks to ride the best Malaga MTB trails.

Switchbacks Enduro/ DH started winter trail riding in Malaga almost 15 years ago. Back then there were only 5 trails now we have more than 45 in and around Malaga.

Malaga mtb trails are only accessible by dirt roads but require a lot of pedalling and logistics in order to be enjoyed. Switchbacks offers fully guided shuttle services which removes 85-100% of the climbs so that you may switch off and enjoy your Enduro, downhill or Electric mountain bike, without wasting time climbing or looking for trails. You will always be guided by one of our certified bike instructors to the best Malaga MTB trails.

There is a huge variety of mountain bike trails in Malaga from fixed rock and switchbacks to sand and head sized loose rocks. One day you´ll be riding on tracks similar to Moab and the next day you´ll finish on the beach after a 1000m descent on sand! We have 10 different riding locations each with its own special surface that will test your bike and skills in different ways. Combine this with the best winter climate in Europe - there is no better winter riding experience anywhere, period.

Our MTB trails in Malaga, like those for skiing, are coded Blue, Red and Black. All tracks are suitable for any bike of more than 5" of travel.


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