You can learn years of riding technique in a single week.
MTB skills tuition has recently become all the rage. Here at Switchbacks we have been offering mtb skills tuition as a regular feature of our holidays for the past 17 years. Michael has been riding and racing bikes for more than 30 years and was also a history teacher. He can show you a few very simple techniques on varying trail conditions that will get you riding more confidently and faster.

Tips on rider weight positioning, vision, braking and bike set-up to name a few will make you dab less and stop you from walking tricky bits. For those customers who take advantage of our mtb skills most come away riding small drops and tight rocky switchbacks where at the beginning of the week they had never dared to attempt such manoeuvres.

All the mtb skills tuition you will receive will be given as part of a regular days ride. For example, an hour into a ride we will stop at a particular section of trail where a new level of skill can be acquired, be it switchbacks or riding a rock garden in a controlled manner. This will continue throughout the week for those who wish, and result in a gradual increase in technical gain.

Skills development is available for novice to expert riders. We offer this as a FREE service and is open to anyone who wishes it. You do not in any way need to take this offer up.