04 Sep 16

4 6″s Only Ahhhhh what can you say about this track? Hand crippler, rim destroyer and suspension tester guru. Built more than 2000 years ago by those hardy Romans this for the past 16 years has been one of our timeless rocky descents and has been a favourite amongst those who like it a bit rough. Well now it has got even moreso. If you have been reading my recent posts, things have changed here a lot in Bubion due to the closure of the high altitude tracks and the change in riding styles. A call for more shuttles and even less climbing (not that I thought that was possible) has resulted in us having to push the boat out and find new trails that will satisfy the new crew of Enduro driven riders out there that want a full day of descending mixed with just a little bit of up . Now it should be said that I think that those of you that have been to us will know that we have always ridden Enduro waaaaay before it was ´invented´ nevertheless to keep ahead of the trends we now introduce Tindr and Grindr. 2 new tracks that perfectly compliment 4 6″s like never before but as an added bonus the day is now 100% shuttled allowing you to keep yours eyes and hands focused on the insane onslaught that is a full day of riding brutal twisting rocky sick singeltrack. 4 6″s was always a test for anyone or their bike and their stamina but now multiply that by a factor 3 and you get the picture.

Come and check it out and see if are able to hold you beer at the end of the day – I doubt it.