09 Aug 16

Its funny how easy it is to fall into the path of least resistance. For many years (almost 17 in fact) here in Bubion we happily rode the same collection of tracks. We had a huge selection of trails further afield from base camp but no one really seemed to mind riding the same 25 odd tracks year after year. And we never thought to change them as with a 90% return rate and some riders returning as much as 15 times I would have said we were on to a good thing.

Actually the only thing that really did change was the amount of climbing. Back in the day we used to hit huge climbs without any thought and certainly no complaints from guests. But little by little as the sport changed and demand increased, we started to shuttle more and climb less. Today some of our days can look more like an Euduro race series – little climbing and LOTS of technical descending. Then something else changed – our trail choices.  Out of the blue many of our favourite tracks found themselves being axed. After several summers of fires, local forestry officials closed several trails to public access and then combine this with other local laws, we found ourselves forced to change our routes to suit the new reality. But how to change when everyone liked it just the way it was?

It wasn’t only that we were suddenly forced to change but the problem is that change can be scary. For example I didn’t like giving in to more shuttling because my fitness would go out the window and I am too lazy to go out on a ‘day off the bike’ only to find myself hours in the saddle climbing – surely this should just come with the turf? And I certainly didn’t like saying goodbye to trails like the Great Escape, Cop Killers and Silk Panties. From this respect things looked pretty dark to be fair. But like any change, good things often appear unexpectedly. Instead of heading up the mountain we started heading out. This has allowed us to incorporate old trails long not used that were always perfect for shuttling but too technical for MTB designs of old. Combine now the DH angles of todays enduro bike and rider desire to shuttle and you get the perfect mix. Awesome Enduro riding in the sun with ‘little’ climbing.

Not for you you say? Sounds too much DH’y and not enough climbing? Well first you don’t have to do all the shuttles and secondly there is still climbing to be had. It is not as if we collect you at the bottom and shuttle you up to the top of every descent – this we do in Malaga in the winter time.  Here in Bubion we now think we offer up the perfect mix of climbing and flow to technical descending for todays mtber. For example Resurrection Day – a big day out with lots of shuttles and huge amounts of vertical descent but you’ll be properly destroyed after riding out of Hurt Locker and 48 Stitches. Or yet another old classic of ours – the 100km descent from the peak of Valeta down to the beach lots of down but still up to 20kms of climbing (rider dependent). Or try hitting the climb up to 100 Switchbacks – you’ll need all the climbing strength you can find. So if you are still a lover of the climb then you can find it here too.

So now that the dust has settled after all these changes in Bubion where do we find ourselves? Well I, and if riders reviews are to be believed, we are better than ever. Our days have become more epic straying further from home and covering many different types of terrain. One day we are riding in Granada on a pure shuttle day and the next you are busting your lungs up to Flowtastic. The next hitting Cresta Run or sweeping over Finn’s Fiend and Don Juan. So I recon if you haven’t ridden with us in a few years, give it another go as you might not recognise more than half of the trails but you will still feel right at home. Many of the old classics like Demoraliser, Petrol Head, 4 6″s Only etc are all still being ridden but in new and I believe better constellations. In short Bubion is a better place to ride than ever. Come and see what has changed.