30 Jun 16

Way back in 2002 I sent an email to MBUK with an offer to come and ride a unique what we thought was a 1-off adventure. The ride was going to start at 3400ms and end up nearly 110kms later on the beach at 0ms. MBUK, never one to shy away from all things new in the world of mtbing, took us up on it and sent out Rob Jarman then a pro DH rider in the UK. We all knew it was going to be grueling – not only was there the sheer distance involved but it was to be all on singletrack and technical ones at that. When we had only reached the 50km mark and it was getting on for 4pm and were faced with a 2 hour climb to conquer the last remaining ´small´climb of the day, we didn´t actually think it was going to be possible. But through retarded levels of not giving in somehow we got there. The feeling when we got to the beach around 10pm was one of the greatest accomplishments any of us had lived through.

Since then that route fell into the histories of Switchbacks but now we are going to revive it – albeit a slightly less uber version, the last 2 hour climb has been removed:D

This coming Sept and Oct 2016 for those groups who are up for it and want the challenge of a lifetime (and if the snow up top isn´t too deep), we will be offering this ride again. Are you up for it?