20 Sep 21

For all you out there wondering what the hell is going on with the latest Covid travel requirements – here you have it. BUT these can change from day to day so this is NOT a tried and tested fool proof game plan – only as to this date a guideline.
First off, the rules about leaving and returning to the UK are pretty straightforward and journeys both ways have been a breeze according to our customers. Please note that the information below is for anyone who has been fully vaccinated, and also note that changes come in on the 4th of October whereupon you will no longer require to do a PCR/ Flow test in the final days of your stay with us.
Until the 4th however, before returning to the UK and during your last 48 hours before leaving Spain you will first need to complete a passenger locator form, which can be found here: www.gov.uk/provide-journey-contact-details-before-travel-uk.


Next you need to have a negative PCR/ Flow test result that needs to be logged on your locator form. This test can’t be a free NHS test, but should be either PCR or lateral flow, and can be ordered from an approved provider in the UK or taken at a medial clinic in Spain. The simplest option however is to buy a lateral flow test in the UK and bring it with you. It will need to be verified (online or by an app) before you get the code to enter. The list of government-approved suppliers for tests is here: gov.uk/find-travel-test-provider. A really convenient option is Project Screen (projectscreen.co.uk), who charge just £30 for the test, including delivery, and it is verified online with the results sent out by email very quickly.

Upon your arrival back in the UK, a PCR test needs to be pre-booked for Day 2, and the reference number is required for the locator form. One of the easiest and best-priced options is Dante Labs (dantelabs.co.uk, £48, inc shipping both ways).

To check in with the airline in Spain, you’ll need:

• a negative COVID-19 test result on your phone
• the completed UK passenger locator form
• proof of double vaccination by the NHS

These documents may be required again when you arrive in the UK, but the locator form is automatically linked to your passport so they’re not often asked for.

All these rules are in force until October 4th, except as mentioned the negative test before flying back to the UK will no longer be required. A test on Day 2 in the UK will still be needed, but it is planned to change this from PCR to a lateral flow in late October, although no exact date has been set yet.

As with everything Covid, rules can change, so it’s worth double checking the travel rules on the UK Gov website (gov.uk/coronavirus) when you are preparing for your trip.

So… what are you waiting for? We are set, the food, tapas, wine, sun and trails are set. Get in touch and see you here soon!