30 Dec 17

Many if not most of you reading this will have been to ride with us at least once or maybe 10 times. But for those out there who haven’t been and don’t really know what to expect, here’s a little taster.

Sometimes a point of confusion, we actually have 2 locations – Malaga in the winter months and Bubion in the summer. We are in each locale for 6 months at a time and both are serviced by Malaga airport. The reason for this is the weather. Malaga in the winter is generally lovely and warm so perfect for riding, but too hot in the summer so from May to October we move up to the cooler altitudes of Bubion, Sierra Nevada National Park. In each we offer long weekend and week long holidays.

So what’s included and what can you expect?

Winter Gravity Malaga:

Is just that. Lift-assist mountain biking between November and end April. Its a mixture of some climbing days with others fully shuttled – the perfect combo of Enduro and DH. We ride in several different locations around Malaga giving an incredible variety of surfaces – slick rock, wooded, tight techy, sandy, loose and fast! As the name ‘winter’ suggests, even here in Malaga it can sometimes rain so you’ll need a jacket and warm clothes for the evenings.

Prices and whats included can be found here:

Prices 2023/ 24

Summer Gravity Bubion:

Between the months May and end October we are located at 1,300ms in the historic village of Bubion. Bubion is everything quaint and typical about Spain minus the beach and mass tourism, (although we do ride down to the beach as part of our famous 75km descent). Tapas, wonderful food, small white villages surrounded by the land that time forgot. Then mix in incredible singletrack that will take you through said villages, over Roman roads, orchards, oak forests, rivers and lots of rock gardens and incredible vistas. Video compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGmjKVwulUA

Prices can be found in the link below. Hope this helps and look forward to seeing you here at Switchbacks.

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