20 Apr 20

Coronavirus has hit Spain incredibly hard. Although we here in Andalusia have had very few cases, in order to prevent its spread we have now been in quarantine for almost 6 weeks. That has meant 100% housebound – heading to the shops once a week thats it. So obviously no riding. BUT that does all look to be changing. From the beginning of May the Spanish government has advised that the quarantine will be lightened and the public at large will be able to get some form of exercise everyday for a duration of no longer than 1 hour. More encouragingly is that Andalusia (Switchback´s base) has had very very few cases and has requested an earlier easing of quarantine measures than the rest of Spain. This would involve the opening of restaurants, bars, recreational activities etc –  so perhaps a return to normalcy from the 1st of June? Perhaps on the back of this, most airline carriers have resumed bookings to Malaga as of June which is another good sign, but of course doesn’t guarantee anything.  Many of you will unfortunately have had your flights cancelled in April and May so perhaps this would be a good time to contact your airlines to see if you can re-schedule from mid June onwards. Any questions about this please email me.

Stay healthy in the meantime.