20 Sep 16

Winter is coming…

Everyone can feel it. Its getting a bit cooler at night, even more rain and the sun sets earlier and earlier. Time to put the bike away for another season and dust off the skis. Not here in Spain though. Winter riding in Malaga is just about to open…

From end October to the end of April we will now be operating both Enduro and Downhill holidays from our location in Malaga.

I wanted here to clarify the kind of Enduro that you can expect. For the past few Malaga seasons more and more riders have been coming out on smaller travel bikes and we have merely been shuttling them along with DH rigs on all our typical DH tracks. No one has seemed to mind and in fact the thought of not having to put a single pedal in and still get 15,000ms of descending in a weekend under the sun was something that everyone seemed to live with quite happily.

But now we are going to change this – we will of course still offer the 100% shuttling option.  But for those of you who still like a good climb, that the thought of shuttling everywhere is a bit new school, we now have the trip for you. Split at approximately 75/25 down to up you will still get in a hell of a lot of down yet at the same time stretch your legs good and proper. A weeks layout will be a mixture of pretty meaty climbing days and other days where we will rely on the vans to help us up many of the hills. Tracks vary between 2 mins and 30mins in length.

The main difference between the Enduro and DH tracks (other than that you´ll need to climb to access many of them), is their gradient. Our DH tracks tend to have more sustained steep sections and are quite wide open for visibility.  Our Enduro tracks are less white knuckling with several technical switchbacks and more playful – just like in Bubion in fact but with a much more sandy surface.

So if you are not one to give up your bike lightly, or someone who hates 6 months of winter and NEED to get on your bike and still love the climb, come and check out the new Malaga Enduro riding with us at Switchbacks.

If you have any questions please contact us on +34 660 623305 or email us on info@switch-backs.com