Riding your Enduro MTB in Malaga is a great idea, even more in Winter. When the rest of Europe is cold and wet, Spain, especially the South par tof it, stays nice and dry.


Just like birds, head South in Winter – Enduro MTB Malaga


During the Summer month, the whole of Spain is a sunny paradise. During Winter though, the only mountainous bit of Spain guaranteed to keep the Sun shining and the temperature above 15°C is Malaga.

The pyrenees region gets very wet and snowy just like Granada. This is why we decided to settle in Malaga. With a Winter average temperature of 15°C and less than 70mm if precipitations per month, it seems like the perfect destination.

And we didn’t make up those numbers, you can check the temperatures HERE and the precipitations HERE. Enduro mountain biking in Spain, and especially in Malaga, is pure bliss.



Different trails for different purposes.


Roots, rocks, switchbacks, smooth jumps, rough rock gardens, Malaga has it all. Planning on coming over to ride hard and train before the Winter season? Just want to chill with your mates and ride dry trails? Want to mix up Beach holiday with your partner and the kids with some added mountain biking?

Well seems like you’ve clicked the right link. We’ll adapt to your level of riding and what you want to ride. Hardcore rider or beginner, we have a wide range of  trails that can accommodate everyone. You can see a quick preview by clicking play on the video below.



Looking for Enduro MTB Holidays in Malaga ? look no further


With more than 15 years of experience in the area, we know the mountains like our pocket. We pick you up from the airport, set you up in our villa, and get you on your bike! We take care of the uplifts, guiding, breakfast and dinner, so you can fully enjoy your Spanish Holidays.



Hopping to see you in sunny Malaga very soon!