Our base at Sierra Nevada Ski Station is the Albergue Universidad located at 2800ms. A very comfortable hostel equipped with bar, restaurant, wifi, very warm and snug. You will require any and all regular skiing gear (base layers, jacket, out-shells, gloves etc) that you would use at any skiing destination.

You can choose the option of renting all other skiing gear from the hostel: boots, skis, helmet, googles etc.

  • Bubion Enduro MTB you’ll need your cycling kit, shoes, helmet we can provide everything else including spares, tools, pumps etc.
  • We have a wide variety of 6″ full suspension enduro bikes for hire.
  • Insurance covering you for extreme activities including skiing and mtbing. SnowCard seems to be very popular with our customers.
  • If a European Citizen then your GHIC will also be required.