Electric mountain bike Hire Sierra Nevada? Switchbacks MTB has at your disposal a fleet of the latest E-MTBs for rent.

Why an E-bike?


We have 3 different models for you to hire, 2017/18 Haibikes and 2019 Merida e160 and Canyon Spectral On.

If you have had an injury or haven´t been able to keep up your fitness, this is an excellent option to take the edge off any climbs you might encounter.

With the latest technology in terms of engine, battery and suspensions, our Electric Mountain Bikes will allow you to ride as much as 60kms per day.

Electric mountain bikes are the new trend in the mountain bike Industry, and for a good reason! The technology has already come so far that most of the new E-mountain bikes weight less than 19 Kilos, and allow you to rip down any trails like you were on a normal MTB.

On the other hand, you’ll be beating any of your friends on a standard bike up the hills. The assistance of the new electric bikes is so good that you’ll feel like cruising on a flat road even when you’re going up super steep hills. Just seat on your saddle, pedal away, and let the E-MTB do the hard of the work. More time for a snack and a drink at the top the hill while waiting for your mates.


Pricing – Electric Mountain Bike hire Sierra Nevada


All our E-MTB come fully tuned, charged, and ready to go. They also come with the latest technology in term of suspension, braking systems and tyres. That way, you’re sure to enjoy your time without threat of punctures or mechanicals.

Check out the pricing below:

1 DAY -> 75€

4 DAYS -> 225€

1 WEEK -> 325€.

Book Your E-bike rental  and Sierra Nevada mountain bike tour with us now! Send us a message.


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