If you don’t know how to pack a mountain bike don’t worry, we’re here to help you.

When travelling abroad with your bike there are many ways in which you can package it in order to keep it safe. We recommend using a bike bag with a bike box inside it. Please check the terms and conditions of your carrier to ensure your packed bike does not exceed weight limits.

Below those few paragraphs you will find the complete tutorials with photos on how to pack your mountain bike and not damage it during transport.

If know how to pack your mountain bike but don’t feel like bringing it for whatever reason, you can always rent a bike from us.

How to pack a mountain bike – Which bag to choose?


There is dozens of bike bag brands and shape to choose from, if you’re unsure of which one to pick, you can check out this article for the best bike bags of the year.

We support local bike shops and believe that you should also consider what your LBS has in stock. They will also help you if you don’t feel confident packing your mountain bike.

When purchasing a bike bag, always consider the weight of the bag itself as it will impact the total weight of your luggage. This will potentially impact the price you have to pay to fly with it.
As mentioned above, another solution is to go to your local bike shop and ask for them to pack your bike for you in a cardboard bike box. This is an economic solution but it will be hard to put the bike back in the box on the way back!

For the purpose of these instructions we have assumed that the bike does not fit in the box with its wheels on. The approximate time for packing up a bike is 30 minutes to 1 hour.