A few things to know before coming out.


COVID-19: Please make sure that you have got all the relevant travel documents and vaccines before flying to Spain.

For European citizens you MUST HAVE A VALID EUROPEAN HEALTH INSURANCE CARD available from your local post office or on line and SOME MEDICAL INSURANCE that covers you for mountain biking/ extreme sports. For UK guests, only the equivalent medical insurance is required, but if you still have a valid EHIC card then make sure to bring it along too. Lastly if you have any specific medical conditions or dietary requirements please let us know before you arrive to ensure we can cater to these.

We reserve the right to refuse riders our services if they do not have the above medical insurance requirements.

Get your bike ready

Get your bike down to your favourite local shop for a general service including tightening and truing the wheels (ask the mechanic for a few spare spokes for both wheels), and best to get new tyres and brake pads fired on. If you are concerned about weight or need to replace anything while here, in Bubion there a bike shop for a limited supply of spares and repairs, whilst in Malaga there is a shop around 25mins distance.

Suggested spares

  • Spokes
  • Mech hanger
  • Tubeless lube/ Tubless tyre repair kit/ Inner tube
  • Spare chain links
  • Brake Pads
  • If you can squeeze one in, a rear mech
  • If you are renting a bike you´ll need to bring your own pedals as well as all regular riding kit.



If travelling to Bubion, summer is the order of the day, unless you are here in May and Oct when it can be coolish in the evenings and perhaps the very odd day of a light waterproof jacket required. In Malaga, the months of November to April are usually warm and sunny but it seems as if the weather is going a bit crazy everywhere these days so make sure you bring WET AND COLD GEAR PLUS A WARM JACKET FOR THE EVENINGS – just in case.



When you have landed at Malaga airport and picked up your luggage, from T3 Arrivals go outside and head straight towards the elevator in front of you and get out on the 2nd floor. Walk through the tunnel to the back of T2 Parking. When you get there you´ll need to turn right and walk through the parking garage towards the main terminal building/ road. When you get there call us for collection.

Call Michael on  0034 660 623 305 

Lastly, the balance is due either upon arrival in Euros cash, or a few weeks before your arrival via bank transfer. Let us know which you prefer.