Me and Mike go a long way back. I first visited Switchbacks in 2007, in Bubion with my cross-country bike. I was there for a long weekend. I cried on the flight home, did not want to leave. The moment I got home, I dropped my luggage in the entrance hall and booked a new trip back, this time for a week. Those two times changed the way I biked. Friends would see me try to always find the rockiest, most technical bit of riding, even if only a meter long, in the middle of vastly flat terrain. From there, life took me on some twists and turns of its own. I kept biking, but locally. Fast forward some seven years and I found myself having started travelling to more and more technical trails, and having taken more and more risks, thinking naively that if you just trust your bike, you are ok, right? Right? After the second bad crash that left me taking painkillers and off the bike for 3 months, I booked myself a technical clinic with Switchbacks in Malaga in both January 2016 and December 2016, to learn more. I turned into a downhiller! My whole life changed, AGAIN. I cannot thank enough Mike and the last couple of times also Westley. I can’t wait to visit again, and see which biking dimension you SEND me to this time!