10 Mar 20

So you’re thinking about getting an E-bike? But what is the best E-bike geometry on the market? Well our friends at EMBN have got the answer.

They came to Switchbacks MTB for different reasons. First is of course the sun, the tapas and the beers. 20°C early March, it’s not something you find anywhere else in Europe.

Second thing is, WE RENT E-BIKES BATTERIES, so they could travel with their test bikes to Malaga, and ride without having to worry about shipping the batteries!

You can check out the full article HERE

E-bikes are getting more and more popular, but the geometry differs from normal bike’s. With the battery and the motor, engineer have been obliged to redesign bikes completely their frames.

While the early E-mtb models had some pretty dodgy geometries, we’re getting now to a point where the best E-bike geometry are getting very close from normal bikes.

As EMBN says

E Bike geometry affects everything from bike agility and handling to rider comfort and weight distribution. Here is Steve to walk you through common EMTB geometry traits and how they will affect your riding⚡️


Looking forward to se-E you at Switchbacks with your EMTB!



What is the best E-bike geometry? by EMBN

EMBN doing their thing