10 Dec 19

Video of the Pole Evolink 158

Ever wondered what a Pole Evolink 158 was capable of? Look no further, our new Switchbacks MTB guide Blaise Wall put this incredible bike through its pace on one of our favourite Malaga trails, Happy days!


Why Pole bikes?

Switchbacks MTB has been an official Pole test centre for many years. We’ve been renting the Pole Evolink 158 for some time.

Turns out our new guide, Blaise Wall, is a sponsored Pole rider!

If you want to jump, ride rock gardens, go fast and improve your skills, the Pole Evolink is a great choice. With its incredible suspension system designed in Finland, it’s one of the speediest bike out there.

Blaise Wall, Irish Rocket

Blaise is the new addition to the Switchbacks team. Racer, wheelie king, Instagram star and great coach, he is here to stay! Wether you want to improve your jumping skills or how to attack a steep rock chute, Blaise will be able to teach and coach you.

For the already fast riders, he will probably put you through your pace on one of our incredible trails.

Blaise is equipped with his first aid training course and mountain bike guiding qualification level 2.

So If you feel like getting coached on jumps or just feel like trying out a pole Evolink, hit us up!