25 Nov 20

So effectively Switchbacks has been closed now since the middle of March with a few exceptions along the way. Travel restrictions, lockdowns and flight cancellations killed off what on paper was going to be our best year EVER in 20 years. So that was bad however things of course could have been worse – we could be all dead from Covid.

But where do we go from here? If you are from the UK you have the perfect storm of Covid AND Brexit from Jan 1st meaning new fiddly travel requirements and at present also negative tests before you get on the flight. You´ll need to check about your EHIC medical coverage and also be swapped into the queue that I myself have and still continue to be when you land in Malaga – in the non-EU line. Having said that 95% of the time when landing at Malaga EVERYONE goes through the same passport control so… I also know that the Spanish and UK governments have already made many bi-lateral agreements making the movement of UK workers and tourists easier with fewer to no restrictions in the case with Gibraltar for example. What I am saying though, is check with a local gov official or with your flight carrier to make sure you have ticked all the boxes required before coming to Spain.

In other words there are going to be some changes but you and I both know that UK pounds are too important to the EU so dont expect them to be too drastic nor costly. Life post-Covid will continue as it always has – adaptively and we will be waiting for you when we all get there. See you soon in sunny southern Spain. Hasta muy pronto.