16 Jun 14

A week at Switchbacks will start out fast flowing and brilliant! We aim to increase the level of the tracks bit by bit so that each rider stays within their riding comfort but at the same time faster riders still have fun. For those who need assistance with their bike set up or tips on how to ride better, we will do this track side which proves to be invaluable to all riders as truth be told everyone has something to learn on a bike and everyone wants to get faster:)

Day 2 will tackle switchbacks. Most people have little to now experience with these and simply have no idea how to tackle them. In truth they are perhaps one of the easiest things to master on a bike and well, after 100 consecutive corners you´ll have mastered them too!

Day 3 60kms of singletrack descending from the top of Spains highest mountain.

Day 4 Day off but we can shuttle you up to a local track that you are already familiar with and you can have a play.

Day 5 Resurrection Day. Huge, technical, fantastic mixture of old roman tracks, free flow and some road climbs. This one you´ll remember for ever.

Day 6 The Great Escape. Dawn raid taking in 25kms of singletrack on the most perfect freeflowing trail you might ever ride.

Of course this is just an example week, we can custom tune the days to harder or easier deoending on the group and how many times you have been before.

Long weekenders will have a similar combo but normally less climbing to maximise your descending time on the bike.