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EXCEPTIONAL MTB WINTER RIDING 85% -100% lift-assisted mountain biking Malaga, Spain.

Choose between a 85% lift-assisted enduro combined with fully shuttled days or a 100% DH holiday.
Open November to end April.


For info about our Summer Gravity Bubion riding months May to October, please click here.



Great news, Switchbacks Malaga Enduro will open 1st July. Please check our Blog for the latest updates. Stay stay safe everyone and hope to see you in Spain very soon. The Switchbacks Crew.

Malaga, Spain

Welcome to Switchbacks ENDURO DOWNHILL


Europes best winter MTB location. We offer winter 85% lift-assisted enduro combined with 100% gravity mountain biking holidays in Malaga Southern Spain. Ride enduro in the morning and fully shuttled in the afternoon. Best of both worlds! Check out Decend MTBs review here.


Have an Enduro bike and like DH? Average descending for a long weekend 20,000 – 30,000 metres vertical. We also have Pole EvoLink and Merida Ebikes for hire if you require a bike. Check out the following video link for what you can expect.´A day in the life of Switchbacks Malaga´

The trails


Check out our Promo Video here

Have a 6″ trail bike and like a bit of climbing? Like technical, fast flowing singletrack that will take you down to the beach for a beer? Hate the winter and mud and darkness? Want to get some winter fitness in the sun but also dont mind a perfect amount of shuttling in the van? Come and join us here in Spain for our 85% lift-assist Enduro mtbing in Malaga.

Check out our world famous track The Ridiculator here

Week example: 4 days Enduro mornings (some climbing involved) followed by fully shuttled afternoons + 2 fully shuttled days. Please read our Blog below for more details or contact us.

In total we have a selection of 45 Enduro & DH-specific tracks on a huge variety of surfaces: forested, sandy, rock gardens to bermed up jumps ranging between 3 and 30 mins in length. DH tracks are suitable for both Enduro/ AM and DH bikes. DHers, we will shuttle you to the top or for Enduro riders, as close as our vans can access, and at the bottom be waiting to take you back up again. Maximum of 8 riders per nizagara pill – uplifts will be fast and waiting time minimal.

To get the best out of the riding here in Malaga, we would recommend you come on an Enduro bike to be able to ride all the excellent tracks which the vans can´t access. Climbs are easy on fireroads with the shortest only 15mins in duration.

More than 15 years ago, Switchbacks discovered the secrets of the previously unknown tracks around Malaga and brought them to the world of mountain biking. Back then there were only 5 trails now we have more than 45 Enduro and DH specific tracks.

There is a huge variety of trails in Malaga from fixed rock and switchbacks to sand and head sized loose rocks. One day you´ll be riding on tracks similar to Moab and the next day you´ll finish on the beach after a 1000m descent on sand! We have 10 different riding locations each with its own special surface that will test your bike and skills in different ways. Combine this with an average winter temperature of 16c – there is no better winter riding experience anywhere period.



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